Leo D'Amico

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Sicilian painter born in 1964 who paint and sell for many years.
He has participated in personal and collective exhibitions and has participated in national and international competitions, often as a finalist or winner.
He has received many positive criticisms that appreciate him for his original unpublished original pictorial language ranging from
figurative to the symbolic.
Among the last significant events: in 2016 he participated with his paintings at an exhibition held at the "PALAZZO DEI PITTORI" in Florence
and an exhibition organized by the "Pentafoglio Art Prize" at Mondadori in Palermo.
He has also recently been involved in poetry and recently published a book: "My Acacia Leaves" (Bonanno Publishing) collecting
poems and pictures of some of his paintings.
With regard to the artistic aspect, it can boast in its career of excellent criticism and reviews.

... A painting that explores various themes, techniques and materials, full of color, sometimes contrasted and defined where color shades sometimes alter. Color is poetry, a feeling that highlights the wide range of emotions and feelings of the human soul.
A painting that has its own very personal approach to the different and various reality of the world, where imagination and fantasy enter in a universe made of secrets and hidden messages enclosed in spaces to be interpreted.

I. Masini Florence

... He like the tones explained. Red color, similar to blood, like eternity and life, in its different spectral range and, in the light in which he is master, prevails deliberately in the most important paintines not to distract from the whole context. Authentic works of art speak for themselves and enrich the observer by pervading it internally, are words of love.
Faces, women's naked and landscapes, are all artistically concretized works. And “Acacia leaves” speak for themselves, face the mystery of the unknown through one an important symbol of the Initiative Tradition. Testimonial, once again, the evolved intelligence of this artist who has made equal the excitement of the older men.
D'Amico's art, in essence, sets in motion and pushes vigorous considerations of consciousness. And while his art achieves such results, he demonstrates that he has reached high value levels: both artistic and human. "

P. Battaglia The Terra Borgese Palermo
He has recently organized a Personal Show (in February 2017) at the premises of the "Palazzo del Carmine" Pro Loco in Caltanissetta.